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20a Clyde Road




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Sales and Enquiries - 020 8647 0666

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Travel Directions

By Rail - From Central London: Take the train from London Bridge or Victoria to Wallington. Ring us from the station and we will collect you, or it is less than 10 minutes walk to the office. Approx journey time: 45 minutes.

By Road - From M25: Leave motorway on the M23 (Junction 7) towards Croydon/ London. Continue along the A23 for about 5 miles. Just after a Land Rover dealership on the right, turn right at the roundabout following the sign to Coulsdon. Pass under a railway bridge, straight over the next roundabout, then filter left at traffic lights towards Wallington (A237). Continue along this road to Wallington, about 3 miles. At a set of traffic lights, with a Sainsbury’s supermarket across the lights to your right, turn right towards Croydon. This is Stafford Road (B271). Clyde Road is the second turning on your left (0.2 miles). Park in front of the garages or elsewhere in Clyde Road. See map below. Approx journey time: 30 mins.

By Air (Gatwick) - Take a train from the station at the airport. Alight at East Croydon (approx 20 minutes). Taxi from East Croydon to Wallington (approx 10 minutes), taxi rank is outside the station main entrance. Approx journey time: 30 mins.

By Air (Heathrow) - Take the Piccadilly Line tube from one of the Heathrow stations to Gloucester Road. Change onto the Circle or District Line for Victoria. Take the train from Victoria to Wallington. Ring us from the station and we will collect you, or it is less than 10 minutes walk to the office. Approx journey time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Travel instructions and maps

Peter Roper, Managing Director

Peter Roper - Managing Director

About Clyde Computing

We are a leading specialist software company totally committed to quality management systems and have been supplying solutions since 1985. We understand your requirements, the pressures that you work under and what you want to achieve. We know that you are looking for friendly and professional advice and guidance throughout the whole life of an installation.

Q-SYS History

Was first developed in the 1980's as a DOS-based system in a milk processing dairy, but was quickly adopted by the brewing industry and established itself as the de facto standard. One customer is still running the original system round the clock, seven days a week!

Our Windows system saw our customer base rapidly expanding so now you can find Q-SYS running in dairies, creameries, breweries, snacks, nuts & crisps, smoothies, water & environmental testing labs, flour mills, dry ingredients, soups, sauces, meat products, egg products and fresh/ frozen ready meals.

Why success is assured

We achieve success because our approach is refreshingly different. To understand your requirements fully, we carry out a free, comprehensive site survey. Each application is unique, so every system is tailored to meet your organisation's needs.

Configuration and installation are planned meticulously. We even enter your product, customer, supplier and other information so your new system is immediately usable.

Our experts are with you all the way to guarantee success. This approach minimises the resources you need, further increasing the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Clyde Computing Office

Further details

Clyde Computing Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 2894559. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clyde UK Limited, a private limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 3743872. Both companies are registered to the above address.

VAT Registation number: GB 766 0855 03

Clyde Computing Limited is registered under the National Britannia safe contractor scheme, certification number: N00045851.




How do I decide which Q-SYS module is appropriate for our needs?

Clyde Computing will carry out a free site survey to help establish your organisation's requirements.

If we start with just one Q-SYS module, can I extend the system further later?

Yes, in fact most of our customers start that way. Most modules share the Specification module though, so this only needs installing once.

If we install Q-SYS in just one department, can it easily be extended further?

Yes, you just purchase another licence for the module you are using. If you have a three-user system, for example, ANY three users in your organisation can use Q-SYS at any one time. Q-SYS can be installed on as many PCs as you wish.

My IT department tell me that Q-SYS would need to be installed using Citrix Virtual Desktops. Is this possible?

Yes, we have a number of customers who run Q-SYS in this way, and it can be a big money-saver if you have more than one site as software licences can be shared between sites, and enables Q-SYS to run as a company–wide solution, with only one system to configure.

Do I need specialist hardware to run Q-SYS?

No, Q-SYS runs on standard Windows PCs (Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, 7). Server operating systems can include Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Q-SYS is also supported in virtual server environments such as VMWare.

Can I see a customer who is running Q-SYS?

Yes, we have a number of customers who are usually happy to receive visitors. Obviously such visits can be quite time-consuming for them, so we encourage you to visit only when you have seen Q-SYS demonstrated by us and a site survey and proposal has been prepared.

What reporting tools are provided with Q-SYS?

Extensive facilities are built in to the system to enable reports to be designed and previewed, and then printed or sent to PDF files that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat. Reports can include programming instructions to enable the most complex computations and formatting to be carried out by end users. No third-party reporting software is required.

Can I output Q-SYS data to Microsoft Excel or other systems?

Data export is built into Q-SYS and a range of file formats is available including Excel, ASCII, HTML, CRLF, DIF etc. You can also mirror your Q-SYS data on a SQL Server or Oracle database held elsewhere on the network and use other standard reporting tools.

How is the information held in the Q-SYS database?

Q-SYS is designed around a common set of databases in which key information is stored just once. Databases use an internal Equinox format, which makes them completely secure from alteration by other software. Some databases are encrypted to prevent them being read using debugging tools. You can elect to use Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle as your database engine if you wish, or simply mirror your Q-SYS data for read-only access from these other databases.

How secure is Q-SYS?

System security is comprehensively considered throughout. As well as network login security, each user/ department has a login name and passcode without which the system cannot be entered. To use any menu option, each individual user must be defined in the security database.

Users belong to user groups. Security is set up at user group level for ease of management. User groups are given access rights on a module by module basis. There are about 20 differently defined operations for all modules, such as entry, record editing, adding a new record, record deletion, etc., which members of the user group may, or may not, be able to carry out. There are also special operations unique to a particular module. It is necessary for a user to enter their correct personal passcode before they are allowed to carry out the specified operation and/ or save their changes.

In order to avoid tedious repeated passcode entry for similar operations (a series of record updates, for example), a time-out can be set for each workstation. If a similar operation is carried out a second or subsequent time within the timeout period, the passcode is not requested again. Users are forced to change their passcodes at intervals determined by the system supervisor. They may be permitted to change their own passcodes, but cannot enter the same passcode again. The system supervisor can determine the minimum passcode length and security strength.

Every critical record stored in Q-SYS has stored against it the date, time, user ID and workstation ID where the record was created and last amended. Some modules also maintain a complete audit trail of previous entries. Record deletions and other error messages are also logged to the System Error Log.

Current Customers

We build positive, long-term relationships with our clients. Below is a selection of our current customers. As you can see organisiations of all sizes are sucessfully using Q-SYS. It's that flexibility that makes Q-SYS so popular.

Adnams Andros UK Bowmans Ingredients
Bowmans Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Caledonian Cheese
Camerons Daniels Chilled Foods Framptons
Index J W Lees KP Foods
Marstons Meantime Moulton
NWF Shepherd Neame Suncrop

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