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Q-SYS defying the recession...

Despite economic pressures, Q-SYS customers are continuing to upgrade their systems in order to take advantage of the latest technology we are offering. This includes the latest Equinox 6 release of the database, which some customers had the foresight to purchase last year when it was offered at a specially low price. Customers are also finding that modest expenditure on additional validation or automated routines can actually save money overall by cutting down on errors and improving efficiency..

Barcode recognition...

The ability of Q-SYS to scan documents and then recognise and store them based on a small barcoded label attached to each document has attracted a lot of interest, and we expect this to be adopted more universally in future. As well as automating the scanning process, Q-SYS technology also converts and compresses the tiff and jpg files (typically created by document scanners) to PDFs, resulting in much reduced storage requirement.

Document association...

Document association has now been added to all Q-SYS modules allowing you to attach documents to Samples, Runs, Inspections, Tests, Customers, Suppliers, Products... etc. A new field in Workstation setup allows supervisors to control which document types are available to view/associate on any particular workstation.

Q-SYS Web Interface

A Web Browser Interface for Q-SYS. It will incorporate a set of screens that users anywhere on your network can log into to view Q-SYS data. No other software is required! Users will have to log in with a username and password and will only be shown information that has been released for them. For customer and supplier access, you will be able to specify what database fields are accessible via the web Interface from within Q-SYS itself. Reports can be published for download as well. Please contact us for further information....

Q-SYS Web Interface

Q-SYS Graphics

We've completely redesigned our graphics module to be far more flexible and user friendly. Manipulating graphs and outputting to printer, PDF or images has been made simple. Have custom graphic routines designed to run batches of graphs at the click of a button. Please contact us for further information.

Q-SYS Graphics

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