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"It's enabled us to increase throughput without increasing staff...there's a definite payback..."

Q-SYS Quality Control

"...the decision to opt for QSYS was definitely the right one and I always recommend it to my colleagues in the industry... I couldn’t do without it!"

What is Q-SYS?

Q-SYS is an user friendly, customisable quality management system designed for the food, dairy, drinks, brewing, fresh produce and environmental sectors. Whichever category your business falls into, Q-SYS has a module to meet your needs.

Because of it's innovative modular design Q-SYS allows you to build a system that covers all your needs without purchasing the whole software in one go. For need a weight control system for your factory packing operation then Quality Logging is the module you need. If at a later date you decide there's a need for a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in your lab then you can add the LIMS module. Your Quality Logging and LIMS system will be able to share all of your CORE data such Products, Customers, Suppliers, Tests, Specifications etc.

Clyde Computing will work with you to ensure that the modules you choose are the most appropriate for your operation and the most cost effective way for you to implement a quality management solution for your business.

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Visit the Q-SYS LIMS website for more information

Q-SYS LIMS is designed for use in your laboratory

Samples are identified by a simple coding scheme designed to suit your laboratory.

Extensive notes can be entered against each sample and test, these can also be highlighted if required. Users can pick text from a pre-defined list for extra speed.

Complex validation and calculations can be carried out.

A complete audit trail is kept of all changes to both sample and test information.

A choice of screens is available for every situation including logging in samples, entering test results on single or multiple samples, operator viewing and inspecting the audit trail.

Test results are automatically highlighted according to specification, with custom messages informing staff what action to take, so reducing training needs.

A powerful user status feature allows positive release to be controlled directly from the system.

Using information stored in the Q-SYS Specification database, the system informs technicians which tests to carry out.

On screen graphs are available at the click of a button to view trends.


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Q-SYS Pack Quality Control

Example Reports

PQC - Inspection Report

PQC - Goods In Summary

PQC - Assessment Averages

Q-SYS PQC is designed specifically for fresh produce packers

This module has been designed in co-operation with fruit and vegetable packers to provide a simple and fast method of recording quality attributes, weights and inspection details.

Avoid potentially expensive errors as Q-SYS compares pack, box end and pallet labels, checks date codes and much more.

Screen layouts have been kept simple and different screens are provided for Goods Inwards and Pack Samples. Large buttons, which can be customised to meet your requirements, make it easy to use the system on touch screens as well as standard PCs.

Staff are guided through checks and results are compared to specifications automatically, with instant warning of problems with your own messages in any language.

Products may be recognised by their bar codes and pictures can be viewed for identification or layout check purposes.

Any type of date coding can be checked and validated automatically by Q-SYS.

Test results are automatically highlighted according to specification, with custom messages informing staff what action to take.

Q-SYS offers complete traceability from grower to final pack at the press of a key.


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Q-SYS Pack Quality Control

Average Weight Control

Example Reports

QLOG - Individual Weights

QLOG - Weight Summary

QLOG - Spot Check

Q-SYS Quality Logging for your weight control and quality attributes checks

Provides a simple operator interface allowing Process Control, Quality Attributes and HACCP checks to be logged, reported and analysed.

Quality Logging data may be combined with information from Q-SYS LIMS to give complete flexibility.

All incoming materials/ingredients can be recorded with supplier, quantity and release information against a unique batch reference.

All processes are defined within Q-SYS, and at the start of each production run the system prompts the plant operator with the materials to use from the Q-SYS Specification module.

As production continues, Q-SYS prompts operators (with work instructions) for the quality and process checks to be recorded.

Each check is compared against specification and clear operator warnings are given with the ability to record actions taken.

Graphical trends for a run, for any check, can be plotted against target on screen.

Attribute and other checks are automatically compared against specification thus minimising errors, downtime and wastage.


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Average Weight Control


Example Reports

SPEC - Specification

SPEC - Standard Operating Procedures

SPEC - Bill Of Materials

Q-SYS Specifications is what makes Q-SYS tick?

The specifications module is what drives Q-SYS. It controls what checks/tests are to be performed for a given product and any given process stage, including the limits applied to those test/check results. As such it is one of only two modules that must be included in any system.

Specifications can be set up for each ingredient, raw material and product at every process stage. Specifications are uniquely numbered, as are all revisions- the history of all changes is retained by Q-SYS. Each revision can include extensive text to document the changes.

The system has comprehensive facilities for entering specifications for each test. These typically include maximum, minimum, upper and lower warning limits and upper and lower mandatory limits. Each limit can have a customised on-screen and a spoken message defined.

The Q-SYS LIMS, Pack Quality Control and Quality Logging modules use this information to highlight test results automatically and alert technicians and operators.

Specifications, and all revisions can be printed or exported in any format to provide customer layouts, management review information or operator checklists.

Operator viewing screens can be configured so that your staff can see the current version of each specification.


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Customer Management

Example Reports

CMAN - Outstanding Calls Summary

CMAN - Response Letter


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Q-SYS Customer Management for easy logging and response to customer complaints, queries and FOI requests

Stores an unlimited number of customer calls with complete security.

Allows an unlimited number of actions to be recorded and monitored against each call.

Easy and fast to use.

'Blacklisting' of frequent complainants.

Use Q-SYS for Freedom of Information Act 200 (FOI) requests.

Instant generation of letters, faxes, emails, reports and trend graphs.

Costing by both call and action with totals provided.

Comprehensive statistical analysis by date, product, customer, supplier, type of complaint, site...

Part of a fully integrated system sharing databases with other Q-SYS modules.

Supplier Management

Example Reports

SMAN - Audit Checklist

SMAN - Audit Results


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Q-SYS Supplier Management - prepare and log supplier audits and keeping track of all supplier issues

Build supplier relationships and improve supplier performance.

Ensure that your suppliers meet the requirements of your customers!

Monitor the audit life cycle.

Easy and fast to use.

Instant generation of letters, faxes, emails, reports and trend graphs.

Comprehensive statistical analysis by date, product, customer, supplier, type of complaint, site...

Part of a fully integrated system sharing databases with other Q-SYS modules.

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