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Sales enquiries

Please complete the sales enquiry form below and click Submit for more information.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact Clyde Computing you can find our address, telephone and email details on the Contacts page.

Clyde also provide the option to have a web based demonstration of the system via our TeamViewer service. Call us to arrange a remote sales demonstration.

Call us to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange a free site survey where we can assess your needs and write a fully costed proposal for your installation.


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Q-SYS Training

Q-SYS is extremely user-friendly and is tailored to meet your requirements. However, like all software the more you understand and feel comfortable with it, the greater the benefits you reap. Our goal is to ensure companies have a successfully implemented and operational system, something only achieved with fully trained staff.

As part of the free site survey Clyde Computing will assess your initial training needs. The cost of this training is included in your quote. There are no hidden costs.

We also provide the option to train trainers. This has the advantage of saving you money on further training as new people come to use the system.

Training can be provided either at the customer site or at Clyde Computing’s offices. A ‘training day’ will last approximately 5-6 hours and is typically interactive, including a number of hands on practical sessions.

Please note that we can only accept a maximum of four people for each training session. It is also assumed that all persons to be trained will already be competent Windows users.


Q-SYS Training sessions

The content of the training courses will depend on the individual requirements of those attending. Typically, Clyde Computing will first help you understand the principles behind Q-SYS and show you how to add and edit specifications. We will also cover how specifications affect all Q-SYS modules, the basics of database administration and how to effectively use data to your advantage.

Q-SYS Training Sessions

- Basic data entry (LIMS, PQC, QLOG)

- Advanced data entry (LIMS, PQC, QLOG)

- Supervisor (Covers Core databases e.g. Products, Processes, Customers, Users...)

- Specifications

- Report and Export design

Further training

Further training is available upon request at any time for every level of expertise. Training sessions can be customised to meet your exact training requirements (you are not restricted to the pre-designed sessions). Any further training outside of your original quote will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

When training is requested on a customers site then travel expenses and accommodation, if needed, will be charged. Accommodation is charged at cost.

Remote training

We are now able to offer remote training via our TeamViewer service. All you need is a PC with a working internet connection. If the training session involves trainees in different physical locations then you will need a tele-conferencing system in place so the trainer can speak to everyone simultaneously.

Site Survey

No two customers have the exact same requirements. Therefore no two systems are exactly the same. We understand this and want to be able to provide you with a system that meets YOUR precise needs.

To enable us to do this we carry out a completely FREE survey of your site. This involves Clyde Computing visiting the client site so that we can work with you to establish your exact requirements. Visiting a client site can be difficult in that it sometimes means revealing sensitive information. The following notes are designed to explain what happens during a Q-SYS site survey and to help your organisation obtain the maximum benefit from it.

Clyde Computing cannot stress enough the importance of the site survey. Most software projects that fail do so as a result of a lack of communication between the vendor and the client. Our site survey will ensure a successful installation.

Q. Why is it necessary to have a site survey?

A. It is necessary to know details of existing hardware / software in order to ensure compatibility with Q-SYS. We also need to obtain information regarding the layout of your site, as this tells us where Q-SYS will be installed, who will be using Q-SYS and whether any specialist hardware will be required. All these details enable Clyde Computing to provide a more accurate costing, and also alert us of any potential problems before installation commences.

Q. How will the site survey be carried out?

A. Usually, two Clyde Computing staff will perform the site survey. This ensures that adequate resource is available in case of any unexpected problems, and also ensures that workflow disruption is kept to a minimum.

Q. What information will Clyde Computing require?

  • Typically, examples of existing completed quality worksheets and reports and a tour of the site are necessary in order for us to establish what checks are carried out and where they will be recorded. This also gives us an idea of the scope of your new system and whether or not it will need to be installed in phases.

  • Details of existing computer hardware and software.

  • Your current data, including the source and method of collection, volume of data and external sources of data (other sites etc).

  • Details of staff likely to be involved with Q-SYS (departmental structure, shift workers, workstation locations etc)

  • Try to obtain existing IT information such as your network type, PC Operating system etc.

Q. Will our IT staff need to be involved?

A. Yes, if they have details of existing software and hardware, PC specs, network cabling types, licences and operating system details. Try to ensure your IT staff are informed of our visit in advance.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Usually two hours will be sufficient but it depends on:

  • The size of your site

  • Ease of access

  • Relevant staff being available to speak with

  • Any unexpected difficulties encountered

Try to ensure that all relevant staff are available on the day, and please let Clyde Computing know if staff are only available for limited periods during the visit.

Custom Implementation

Some of our clients require additional ‘custom work’ to be carried out, often to meet the requirements of their customers. Clyde Computing provides a custom service which configures Q-SYS to meet the requirements of the individual client. This often involves one or more of the following...

  • Custom reports or reporting routines

  • Custom graphing routines

  • Ability to read external data from other systems into Q-SYS

  • The generation of spreadsheets to a custom format

  • Interfacing with instruments to read data direct into Q-SYS

  • Custom validation and calculations

Instrument Interfacing

The facility to acquire results directly from laboratory instruments or instrument controlling PCs is one of the major advantages of Q-SYS Quality Systems. This results in reduced keyboard data entry which both increases throughput and eliminates translation errors. Clyde Computing has experience in interfacing Q-SYS with many industry standard instruments, though technical data concerning all aspects of the instrument will need to be supplied to us for assessment before an instrument interface can be implemented.

Balance Printer Gas Analyser Balance 2

Balances to be used in conjunction with the Q-SYS Pack Quality Control and Quality Logging / Weight Control modules require a standard RS232 (serial) interface. A configurable and bi-directional interface allows commands to be sent from Q-SYS to control the balance. Clyde Computing has experience in interfacing Q-SYS with many industry standard balances and checkweighers, though technical information on programming the RS232 interface and the internal command set may be required prior to installation.

Custom Design

Q-SYS and ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems attempt to integrate all departments and functions across an organisation onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs. Q-SYS is designed to complement ERP / MRP systems and is not an alternative, and many of our corporate customers use Q-SYS alongside their ERP / MRP system as the latter lack the functionality of Q-SYS. Q-SYS will run on industry standard databases if interchange of data with other systems is a requirement. Custom designed import and export routines can be created to facilitate the movement of data between systems.

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