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Q-SYS Support

Clyde Computing prefers to build long-standing relationships with their clients so that any problems are corrected quickly and efficiently, and new features are available to those who wish to make use of them. Q-SYS customers are offered software support and maintenance once their system has been initially configured and installed.

With Clyde Computing support there's no call center involved. You speak directly to the people who designed and wrote the software. Therefore you can be sure that any problems will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by people who understand.

Q-SYS Support

What's included

For a half-yearly or yearly charge based on the value of the Q-SYS software installed your organisation receives:

  • Free telephone support during office hours, with guaranteed call back within two hours if technical help is for some reason not immediately available.

  • Access to Clyde Computing’s WebEx™ Internet support service.

  • A guarantee of attendance on your site within an agreed time period in the event of issues which cannot be resolved by telephone or using Internet support.

  • Software upgrades to the latest version of the modules you have.

  • Discounted hourly rates for time on site, training or other chargeable work carried out.

Internet Support

Clyde Computing require that at least one PC running Q-SYS has access to the Internet. Using Clyde Computing’s WebEx™ Internet service, this will allow remote access to your system by Clyde Computing’s technical support staff. Internet support can result in software and database issues being resolved more quickly, with less time involved by your staff, and with reduced likelihood of a chargeable site visit being necessary. More information about this service is at Webex online-support

Support and Maintenance Document 2013-2014

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What is WebEx?

Clyde Computing have implemented WebEx for remote support. WebEx allows us to support our customers directly on their desktop without having to physically be on site. Not only is this quick and efficient but all that's required is a working internet connection. We can use two WebEx services: Support Center and Access Anywhere. Support Center requires the customer join an active support session and Access Anywhere allows us to connect to a designated PC at any time with no customer action necessary

WebEx Support

Why use WebEx?

Our WebEx Support service provides the following benefits:

  • You can get support directly from any PC on your network, including your server.

  • There are no phone line rental or call costs (apart from any internet connection charges you may pay).

  • No software installation is required and there is nothing to purchase or maintain. Clyde Computing pays the subscription charges for the service.

  • Security is controlled at your end. You have to initiate the link.

  • Files can be transferred to and from a PC reducing the need to send data by CD/DVD in the post when required.

Join a support session

WebEx Support Center

WebEx Support Center allows us to create a session to which the customer can join. Once connected we can request desktop control. We can't take control unless YOU give us control. Once we have permission we can see and interact with your PC. You will be able to see all the mouse movements we make and can leave the session at any time.

WebEx Access Anywhere

WebEx Access Anywhere allows us to connect to a designated PC at any time without any interaction from the customer.

Using WebEx for training and demos

WebEx not only allows us to see your desktop but also allows us to share our own with you. Each session can have multiple recipients meaning that potentially you can have people in different global locations viewing the same screen creating the perfect environment for long distance training.

Q-SYS training and demonstration website

Q-SYS Technical support request

Please fill in the form below regarding your support request. A member of Clyde Computing will be in contact to discuss your problem, usually within 2 hours.

If you have not been contacted within this time period it may be that the email has been delayed. If it is an emergency please feel free to phone us Contact details.


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