Q-SYS Quality System


Q-SYS LIMS has been designed with Food and Drinks, Brewery, Dairy, and Environmental Laboratories in mind. Typically, there are hundreds of products/ product combinations, high sample throughput, and pressure to record, test and report results quickly.

Clyde Computing have over 25 years' experience working in these areas, resulting in an efficient, easy to use LIMS covering all typical quality control needs, also helping you to fully meet ISO 17025.

Our LIMS experience in these sectors is second to none, ensuring that you receive a customised LIMS designed to meet your exact needs with minimal effort on your part.

Q-SYS LIMS has been continually developed, incorporating customer feedback to ensure a truly intuitive, efficient, feature-rich environment. Designed for ease of use, with under-pressure lab staff in mind, Q-SYS LIMS returns tangible benefits in very little time. Q-SYS LIMS can be combined with other Q-SYS modules to create a comprehensive multi-purpose quality system.

LIMS Highlights


Q-SYS Specifications

The Q-SYS Specifications module is what drives Q-SYS LIMS. It controls what tests are to be performed, what sample identification information can or must be entered, and the targets, validation and limits applied to the entered test results.

Specifications are set up for each raw material, ingredient and product at each process stage. Specifications are uniquely numbered, as are all versions; the history of all changes is retained by Q-SYS. Each version can also include documentation of any changes, and provide an alerting feature when a revised specification comes into effect.

Comprehensive facilities for entering specifications for each test typically include maximum, minimum, upper and lower warning limits and upper and lower mandatory limits. Each limit can also have a customised on-screen and even spoken message defined.

Q-SYS LIMS uses this information to highlight test results automatically and alert technicians and managers.

Specifications, and all versions can be printed or exported in any format to provide customer reports, management review information or operator checklists.

Operator viewing screens can be configured so that your staff can see the current version of each specification.

The Specifications module is also shared by the other Q-SYS modules. This means that, for example, if you are testing a product in the laboratory and also conducting on-line quality and weight checks using the Q-SYS Quality Logging module, the same specification is used for everything.


Q-SYS Reporting

Q-SYS LIMS provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports and exports, which have been developed to meet typical requirements. When we survey your requirements, we will identify any specific reporting needs and provide these when we configure your system.

You're also able to design your own reports, using the built-in report and export designer, which are integrated into the underlying database technology. There's no need to purchase external reporting software, saving you money and cutting down on training costs.

Q-SYS LIMS allows the generation of reportable data in many formats, including on-screen, printed, PDF, spreadsheets, XML and .CSV and other text formats.

Q-SYS includes integrated email and fax capability. Just like the report designer, the features are part of the underlying software, so no third-party products are required. Reports and spreadsheets can be emailed to customers/suppliers/staff direct from standard menu options or from custom designed batch reporting routines, which can run automatically if required. Q-SYS provides the ability to password-protect PDFs, allowing you to send important reports to clients with confidence.

After your system has been installed, Clyde Computing provide a comprehensive custom design and consultancy service, giving you the option to have reports and reporting routines made to your exact specifications.


Q-SYS LIMS Media Control

Media and Reagent Control is integrated into Q-SYS LIMS. This enables you to keep control of media batches and usage with no paperwork and little additional effort.

  • Media and reagent stocks can be booked in by barcode. You can use the manufacturer's barcode which often includes "Use By" information.
  • Technicians are prevented from using media that is out of date, they can also be warned if media is nearing the end of its shelf life, or stocks are low.
  • Media stocks are automatically decremented as they are used. You can set re-order levels to suit your requirements.
  • If there's a media or reagent failure, Q-SYS instantly flags test results (using that batch) as void.


Q-SYS LIMS Electronic Document Storage and Recognition

Q-SYS LIMS helps reduce paperwork in the lab. However, many critical miscellaneous documents still manage to find their way into the laboratory environment. Q-SYS LIMS provides a mechanism to store these electronically and associate them with corresponding samples, tests, specs, suppliers, customers etc.

  • Q-SYS can generate barcoded labels for you to attach to documents, such as sample requests. These are then scanned in bulk. Q-SYS reads the electronic document images, recognises the records they refer to, based on the barcode. It then converts them to PDF and stores them within the Q-SYS file system.
  • Related documents can be viewed by a single menu option click.
  • Easy to access for auditing and referencing purposes - no more time spent hunting through paper-based filing systems.
  • Managers have complete control over what types of documents users can access.
  • Q-SYS can print to rugged industry-standard label printers such as the Cognitive Blaster™ family of printers - suitable for harsh conditions, or when heat resistant barcode labels are required for incubator use. Or use office friendly Dymo™ label printers if you prefer.


Q-SYS LIMS Security and Auditing

Security and auditability are central to any LIMS. Q-SYS LIMS security model is a multi-layered, comprehensive, flexible collection of configurable user, group and location settings designed to cover any eventuality.

Every action performed on Q-SYS LIMS is traceable back to the user, time, date and workstation, providing you with full auditing and accountability. Q-SYS LIMS gives you and your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure.

  • Multi layered security model separating the underlying database from the Q-SYS software.
  • Control all aspects of sample management from Sample Login and Result Entry through to Positive Release, Authorisation and Certificate generation.
  • Full audit history of all changes to a sample throughout its life cycle for compliance with ISO 17025.
  • Automatic notifications emailed to system admins.
  • System log maintained detailing all sample deletions, error messages etc. along with the user, location, date and time.
  • Secure internal messaging system and bulletin board.
  • Equinox database format prevents external mining or manipulation of data.
Complete Sample Audit History

Q-SYS LIMS maintains a complete audit history of every change made to a sample and test result throughout its life cycle. Changes to fields, status, results etc. are all recorded allowing you to see a complete image of the sample at the moment each change was made along with the user who made the change, when they made it and what workstation they were using at the time.

The system error log contains a history of actions and notifications that occur on the system. Record deletions and other critical operations are recorded here along with fall traceability data. Options can be selected to record error and warning messages displayed to staff giving supervisors a clear understanding of what has occurred while they have been away.

Q-SYS LIMS Industry Sectors

Food and Drink companies appreciate Q-SYS 's combination of speed and ease of use, but at the same time need its unrivalled flexibility. We've installed systems dealing with milling, crisps, snacks & nuts, smoothies, tea & coffee, egg processing, fresh soups, chilled products, industrial ingredients...

  • Perform tests on samples at all process stages from incoming materials, in-process checks, final packaging and shelf life.
  • Scan and check product, outer and pallet barcodes for correctness
  • Record Physical, Microbiological and Chemical tests on products and materials against their own pre-defined tests and specifications.
  • Trace incoming raw materials throughout your process.
  • Share live quality data with other departments.
  • Record tests on Detergent Tanks, CIP, Rinses, Swabs and other miscellaneous equipment.

We believe Q-SYS LIMS to be the leading brewery industry LIMS system. We have installed Q-SYS at many leading UK breweries giving us expert knowledge of the brewing process that other LIMS vendors just don't have.

...the decision to opt for Q-SYS was definitely the right one and I always recommend it to my colleagues in the brewing industry... I couldn't do without it!
  • Trace a Brew/Gyle throughout its entire life cycle from Wort to Keg/Cask/Bottle/Can/Tanker.
  • Configure and perform tests at all process stages including Wort, Maturation, Fermentation, Cask Racking Vessel, Bright Beer Tank, Cask, Keg, Road Tanker...
  • Record microbiological and analytical tests on brews against their own predefined tests and specifications.
  • Share live laboratory data with the Brewers, Packaging and other departments
  • Record tests on Filters, Pasteuriser Outlets, Detergent Tanks, Washed Casks/Kegs and other miscellaneous equipment.

This is where Q-SYS LIMS started. Q-SYS combines ease and speed of use with unrivalled flexibility; over twenty-five years later we're still a leading supplier of software to this sector.

  • Trace incoming raw milk and all other materials through the process from tanker, storage, pasteurisation, intermediate products to finished product and end-of-shelf-life.
  • Configure and perform tests at all process stages from ex-farm testing, road tankers in and out, silos, processing and packing.
  • Record Microbiological and Chemical tests on products against their own predefined tests and specifications
  • Share live laboratory data with the milk intake, processing, packaging and other departments.
  • Perform tests on Pasteurisers, Detergent Tanks, CIP, Rinses, Swabs and other miscellaneous equipment.

We believe Q-SYS LIMS to be a superb LIMS system for food and environmental testing laboratories, combining ease and speed of use with unrivalled auditability and flexibility. Thousands of samples are handled and recorded annually using Q-SYS LIMS.

  • Electronic sample request bar-coding, scanning and storage is built in.
  • Sample and test recognition by barcode.
  • Unlimited templates for standard sample types.
  • Full and automatic auditability of all changes.
  • Fully paperless reporting with pdf creation, emailing, faxing and web access all built in.
  • Deals with Customer charging and invoicing