Pack Quality Control 

Q-SYS Pack Quality Control (PQC) is designed specifically for fresh produce packers. PQC has been developed in conjunction with major fruit and vegetable packers to provide a simple and fast method of recording quality attributes, weights and inspection details, on both incoming and outgoing products.

Q-SYS PQC integrates seamlessly with the LIMS and Quality Logging modules to create a comprehensive multi-purpose quality system across your business.

Key Features

  • Separate screens for Goods Inwards and Pack Samples.
  • Large buttons, which can be customised to meet your requirements, make it easy to use the system on touch screens or tablets, as well as standard PCs.
  • Compares pack, box end and pallet barcodes.
  • Checks date codes and box end colours - displays product or label layout with pictures.
  • All formats of date coding are checked and validated automatically.
  • Staff are guided through the checks they need to perform.
  • Results are automatically compared to Specifications, providing instant warning of any problems and required actions.
  • Delivers comprehensive reports at the press of a button.
  • Data can be obtained directly from instruments such as temperature probes, O2 Analysers and weigh scales to minimise keyboard input and errors.


  • Complete traceability from grower to final pack.
  • Simple and quick to use, saving time and freeing inspectors for other tasks.
  • Features such as automatic comparison of barcodes help eliminate expensive errors.
  • Enables managers to remain aware of events from anywhere on site.
  • Reduces the use of paper, saving you money and benefitting the environment.
  • Improved security and reliability relative to a paper-based processes.
  • Interfacing to any make of scales or instruments is possible, so you can have a mix of equipment.
  • Furthermore the system integrates with your current order, warehouse and despatch systems.  

In Detail

The Q-SYS Specifications module is what drives the Q-SYS Pack Quality Control module. It specifies what quality assessments are to be performed, what product identification information can or must be entered, and the targets, validation and limits applied to the entered results.

Specifications are set up for each raw material and product. Specifications are uniquely numbered, as are all versions; the history of all changes is retained by Q-SYS. Each version can also include documentation of any changes, and Q-SYS provides an alerting feature when a revised specification comes into effect.

Comprehensive facilities for entering specifications for each quality assessment including maximum, minimum, upper and lower warning limits and upper and lower mandatory limits. Each limit can also have a customised on-screen or spoken message defined, which QC’s and operators see as they enter assessments.

Q-SYS uses this information to highlight results automatically, determine whether a material can be accepted or a product released, and alert technicians and managers to issues.

Specifications, and all versions can be printed or exported in any format to provide customer reports, management review information or operator checklists.

The Specifications module is also shared by LIMS and Quality Logging, as well as PQC. This means that, for example, if you are conducting on-line quality and weight checks using this module, and also testing products in the laboratory, the same specification is used for everything.

  • Staff are prompted to carry out the correct checks
  • The correct number of packs are weighed/ checked
  • Results are highlighted and customised messages displayed
  • Staff are warned if a specification has recently changed

Q-SYS provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports and exports, which have been developed to meet typical needs. Furthermore, when we survey your organisation’s requirements, we will identify any specific reporting needs and integrate these into your system.

The following are some of the comprehensive reporting capabilities delivered by Q-SYS:
  • Maximum flexibility due to fast data filtering.
  • Integrated email capability: reports and spreadsheets can be emailed to customers/suppliers/staff direct from standard menu options, or from custom-designed batch reporting routines, which can be set to run automatically if required.
  • The ability to design your own reports, using the built-in report and export designer, which are integrated into the underlying database technology.
  • Generation of reportable data in many formats, including on-screen, printed, PDF, spreadsheets, XML, .csv and other text formats.
  • Password-protection of PDFs, allowing you to send important reports to clients securely.
  • After your system has been installed, Clyde Computing provide a comprehensive custom design and consultancy service, giving you the option to have new reports and reporting routines created to your exact specifications. 

Security and auditability is central to Q-SYS.

Security and auditability are central to your operation. Every action performed on Q-SYS is traceable back to the user, time, date and workstation, providing you with full auditing and accountability. Q-SYS gives you and your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure.

  • Automatic notifications can be emailed to system administators
  • A log maintains details all deletions, error messages etc. along with the user, location, date and time
  • A secure internal messaging system and bulletin board is provided to enable staff to be notified of production schedule changes, new products, specification amendments, etc.
  • Secure database preventing external mining or manipulation of data.
  • A hierarchical passcode system means different levels of access can be allowed according to user group.
  • All data is stored for as long as is needed.